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Thursday 21 January 2010

Recording of Anat Hoffman speaking about arrest of woman of the wall

Recording of Anat Hoffman at Pro-Zion event held with Southgate Reform Synagogue on Thursday 26th November - Anat talks about the arrest of Nofrat Frankel and the history of women of the wall as well as the work of IRAC

Since this talk Anat has been called in for questioning by Jerusalem police. You can help the campaign for religious freedom by signing one of these petitions, one to President Simon Peres and another on the IRAC website

Anat has also requested that you write to your local Israeli ambassador to express your displeasure - there is a sample letter here


Pro-Zion email, Anat Hoffman interrogated - resent...

Dear Members,

There are three articles for you this week.

1. Anat Hoffman interrogated by police.
2. Religious advocates decry Rabbinical statement calling conversion
3. Preventing mamzerot - at what cost?  By Andrew Sacks

We would like to particularly draw your attention to the first article.
  Anat Hoffman, Executive Director of IRAC, and one of the founders of
Women of the Wall, was interrogated by police for her actions at the
Kottel.  Anat is being investigated for committing a felony, with her
only crime as praying, reading from a Sefer Torah, and wearing a Talit.
  Amazingly, the police overlook the violent abuse that this group
receive for exercising what is surely their right.  If you agree that
this is an injustice, please find attached a pre-drafted letter and
send it to His Excellency Ron Prosor, Ambassador of Israel.  It is
important that as Progressive Jews in the UK we show our support to our
Progressive friends in Israel and let the Israeli Government know that
we in the Diaspora would like to see an end to this Religious
discrimination.  Please find the time and send the letter.

Finally, the Institute of Jewish Policy Research has launched a new
survey online last week.  This is the first survey of its kind asking
British Jewry about their thoughts and attitudes towards Israel.  A
link to take part in the survey can be found on JPR's website ; This is a worthwhile project and we
hope you get the chance to take part.

Shabbat Shalom to all,
Charlie, Daniel and all at Pro Zion