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Sunday 5 December 2010

IMPJ Update from Carmel fires

Dear friends,


We are writing to update you with current news of the tragedy in the North of Israel. As thousands of people are displaced from their homes due to a massive wildfire, the fire fighters now seem to have the fire under control.  The fire has claimed at least 42 lives and more than 4 million trees on nearly 10,000 acres of land.  We are all in mourning for those we have lost, and aid for the victims is of the Movement's greatest concern at this moment.



During the weekend:



The IMPJ has been communicating with all of the main agencies in charge of the crisis: the government rescue head-quarters, the logistics center for the operation, the center for displaced families, and the mayors of Tirat Carmel and Ussfia.  We have been in touch with these agencies since the Lebanon War in 2006


  • The IMPJ congregations in Haifa and the Carmel (Or Chadash, Shirat Hayam, Ohel Avraham and Sulam Yaakov in Zikhron Yaacov) are in touch with their members and staff from the evacuated areas. They are all safe. The Leo Beck school assisted it's students from Tirat Carmel and Ussfiya that have been evacuated. The students and their families are all safe, and the majority of them have already returned home.
  • Congregation Ohel Avraham held Shabbat services and candle lighting in the firefighters' headquarters in Haifa university with the participation of hundreds of rescue workers and fire fighters.
  • The Leo Beck students packaged during the weekend, hundreds of kits with food and supplies for the fire fighters. The community center has been opened as a rest area for rescue workers.
  • Since this afternoon, Keren B'Kavod, with Leo Beck center are providing hundreds of hot meals for fire-fighters andrescue workers In the next 24 hours:



As the focus in the North is moving from putting out the fire to rehabilitating the people and land that were affected we are adjusting to provide any help necessary.


  • Noar Telem will assist Keren B'Kavod in packaging supplies for rescue workers and for displaced families.
  • Noar Telem will be heading north to organize activities for the displaced children from kibbutz Beit Oren and Ein Hod, who are now residing in Kibbutz Nachsholim. Keren B'Kavod is now focusing on identifying needs for the future, with our staff on-the ground visiting the area in order to determine how we can best help in rehabilitation.


 In a few hours, the IRAC weekly newsletter will be published early to share this information as well as other updates with our vast group of supporters.  If you have any information about relief efforts, please write to us immediately so that we may share this in the newsletter.


In a few hours we will send you an article by Rabbi Gaby Dagan about his experience and insights from this weekend.


Thank you for your support, especially in times of great need.


Yaron Shavit

Anat Hoffman

Gilad Kariv


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