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Saturday 5 July 2008

Our letter in the Jewish Chronicle - full version

Dear Readers,
You may have noticed our letter in the Jewish Chronicle this week in
reply to a Rabbi Schochet piece. It was a much abridged version of the
full letter we wrote. We have published the full version below.

We read with interest Rabbi Schochet's article on vetting your
childrens' dates but feel his list of no go Jews is by no means
comprehensive. Why stop at Reform Jews? We are sure there are a lot more
Jews we can declare treif. Perhaps your childrens' dates might come from
single parent families? That would need some checking. Or horror of
horrors actually come from Israel, where we recently learned of Orthodox
Jewish conversions disqualified by the tens of thousands. Perhaps we can
look forward to the day when Rabbi Schochet will be the only "Real Jew"
among us, or to paraphrase a memorable tabloid headline, "Will the last
Jew in Britain please turn out the lights". Perhaps as the last "Real
Jew" that honour will be left to Rabbi Schochet.

DN and CG
Co-Chairs Pro-Zion (Progressive Religious Zionists)