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Sunday 25 November 2007

update 15/11/2007

Dear Members,

Please find attached two articles from the Jerusalem Post for your
interest this week.

1. Everyone has to eat lunch...

The first of our articles is written by Rabbi Michael Marmur, dean of
the Jerusalem school of the Hebrew Union College - Jewish Institute of
Religion. In this piece Rabbi Marmur gives a refreshingly optimistic
view of the possibilities of intra-faith dialogue in the Jewish
community. He says we do not have to agree on our theological beliefs
to sit down to each other, talk a bit and, above all, listen a bit
more. Do you think Rabbi Marmur is too much of an optimist, or do you
think that if we do not take this opportunity as 'the best we can do'
then we are in trouble? Let us know what you think...

2. Is it enough to just give?

The second of our articles makes the claim that the wealthier diaspora
Reform communities are not doing enough to support the Israel Movement
for Progressive Judaism. The reason given in the article is that Reform
Jews are not going to Israel enough, especially the young people. Do
you think that this is confusing two seperate issues, i.e. contributing
financially to the IMPJ, and wanting our young people to have an
educational long-term Israel experience?
The progressive youth movements in the UK, LJY-Netzer and RSY-Netzer,
work together to send a group on Shnat Netzer, the Progressive Zionist
gap year programme. The numbers in these groups have grown considerably
over the last 2/3 years. However, do you think that as a community we
can do more to support this long-term programme?

There is a lot to get our teeth into this week that address significant
issues for us all. As ever we always like to hear your opinions. If
you would like to share something either regarding the questions we have
asked, or anything else related to Progressive Zionism then please write

Shabbat Shalom,

Charlie and all at Pro Zion


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