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Friday 26 October 2007

Weekly Update 24/10/2007

Dear Members,

We do still come across people that think that if you're a
Reform/Liberal/Progressive Jew you're not a Zionist. In the last week
two events have taken place that publicly disprove this myth.

The first event was the strong words of a spokesman from the Chief
Rabbis Office threatening to boycott Zionist Federation events after
Israel Connect (The Zionist Federation's arm for those in their 20s and
30s) invited a gay speaker from Israel to speak on Personal freedom in
Israel. Touring three University campuses he will reach out to many who
would otherwise not hear of everyday life in Israel. Pro Zion of course
continue to strongly support and contribute to the work of our Zionist

Then in Israel the Israeli President Simon Peres met with Reform
Movement leaders led by Rabbi Tony Bayfield. The President words were
very positive and you can read more in the attached article.

The second article is a great short piece from Rabbi Michael Marmur about
the relevance of streams of Judaism to Israel.

Finally before we go another reminder that if you do have Israel events
in your communities to publicise pass them on. One such date for your
diaries is on Sunday 16th December at 3.15pm Abbie Ben Ari will be
speaking on 'Israel - New Dimensions'. In the Wembley Harrow area-
please e-mail for details
Shabbat Shalom
Daniel and all at Pro Zion


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