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Sunday 21 October 2007

Sir Charles Clore Jewish - Arab Community Center - Acre

I am delighted to report that things here in Akko are moving forward in
such a positive direction that 3 new members of staff will be joining us
on 1 November with a view to expanding our outreach to the neediest
populations and making increased efforts to integrate our activities and

Our Jewish Youth Coordinator is a "gung-ho" 26 year-old full of
enthusiasm at the challenge of bringing Jewish youth together with our
Arab youth, has already arranged a "mixed" youth meeting for early next
week and has begun laying the foundations for an Arab-Jewish band. The
Jewish women's coordinator is a feisty Acre-born lady who is used to
working hand in hand with the local welfare department and whose
priority is Acre's single mothers and giving them "time out", relieving
their sense of isolation and offering parenting support; the quieter but
tough-as-nails Arab women's coordinator has spent the last 12 years
working with the poorest of Arab women and their children in the Old
City of Acre and is eager to bring them to the Centre and take advantage
of the services that we have to offer.

Our recent achievements and expanded goals make us realise how much we
owe to our friends in the UK for their enthusiasm and support.



Carol Brauner
Director of Development
Sir Charles Clore Jewish - Arab Community Center
Wolfson Neighbourhood
PO Box 240


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