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Sunday 23 September 2007

Kishorit News

September 2007
January, the first month of the year, is named after the Roman god
Janus. He is depicted as a two headed god, one head looking backwards to
the year that has passed, and the other looking forward to the year that
is about to begin. The Jewish New Year, beginning this month, has a
different philosophical outlook. On Rosh HaSahana, the beginning of the
year, people are meant to look back. Account for the deeds and events of
the year gone by, and take responsibility for them. It is a time for
contemplation, a time when the gates of heaven are open to receive
repentance. This heavenly window of opportunity ends 10 days after Rosh
HaShahana, on the Day of Atonement. When the Shofar sounds at the end of
the day we are ready to start afresh, with a clean slate and a clear
Dear Member,
This past year in Galilee was a year of recovery. The war with Lebanon
brought to the surface hidden fears that resulted in an eruption of a
range of unforeseen behavioral manifestations that undermined the
capacity of our members to lead an orderly community life, so carefully
cultivated by Kishorit's staff and upheld by the community. Psychoses
and violent conduct became more apparent on a daily basis, and required
immediate and ongoing professional intervention. The main goal set out
this year, in the wake of the war, was to reinstate community life, and
reorganize the stability of a regular routine. Each of our members was
provided with counseling and guidance aimed at restoring a sense of
"normality", a key to reconstructing the badly shattered composure and
calm of the community.
Our vocational centers also suffered. Pastel Toys had to shut down
because it lacked a bomb shelter. As a result, Pastel Toys has suffered
a shattering decline in the volume of orders. To ensure its ongoing
operation (it is a work venue for 30 of our members), our marketing
efforts must be increased to make up for lost orders.
We call upon any of you with the ability to lend a hand – to connect us
with potential buyers for Pastel Toys products.
One of the lessons learnt during the war is that time-tables, plans and
budget do not always coincide with the reality of living in Israel. With
no time to spare, we have already started building a "state of the art"
bomb shelter, big enough to provide ample and comfortable protection for
all the members of Kishorit, should the need arise again.
The New Year at Kishorit marks a fresh and "green" beginning. In July,
in tune with our Galilean agricultural tradition, our members helped
plant a vineyard that will be added to the range of vocational
employment centers at Kishorit. We are pleased to report that the young
vines are developing beautifully. Our community can now boast ownership
of a soon to become productive vineyard. From its grapes boutique wines
will be produced in Kishorit's future winery.
Kishorit faces the coming 10 years with optimism gained through the
experience of our first decade. Combined with our growing expertise, our
unique home for people with special needs will continue to expand and
flourish. We know that the going gets
rough at times and requires implementation of measures designed to
protect the physical and mental wellbeing of our members, in times of
peace as well as in days of war.
Having survived over four weeks of daily rocket attacks on the Galilee,
and coped successfully with the aftershock, we know today that the
fabric of our community is strong, and will be able to withstand the
many challenges that it will need to face in the future.
Wishing you and yours, and all of us - a Peaceful New Year
Shannah Tovah
With Love,


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