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Wednesday 31 October 2007

Weekly update 31/10/07

Dear Members,
We have three new articles this week.
The first is one of our regular topics - conversions in Israel and is an
interesting story of a n independent conversion panel being set up by
Orthodox Zionist Rabbis who are fed up with the official systems and
The second article is a report of the MRJ visit to President Simon
Peres that we mentioned in last week's e-mail.
Our final article is about the Charedi education system in Israel and
how it continues to operate above the law with state funding whilst
ignoring the national curriculum. In general the education system in
Israel is in a sorry state with Secondary Schools and Universities both
currently in on and off strikes and suffering lack of funds. When I have
met Israelis in the last year and told them I work as a teacher they
were all surprised when I told them it was a full time job in the UK.
For a country that wins nobel prizes and provides ground breaking
research in all disciplines the future of Israeli education is far from

We have one event to advertise this week:
*'One Voice' comes to Leeds!*

Young Palestinians and Israelis talk about their lives, their experiences,
and their hopes for the future.

Hosted by: Shalom-Salaam & Leeds Muslim Youth Forum, in partnership with
Sinai Synagogue. More info about 'One Voice' at, or
about the event at

*Tuesday 20 November, 7pm
Leeds University Conference Auditorium 1, LS2*
For more info. contact

Shalom from
Daniel and all at Pro Zion


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