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Sunday 9 March 2008

28th February Update

Dear Members,

Another packed e-mail for you with 4 articles attached.
We've had another busy week at Pro-Zion. Our latest newsletter and
renewals form is at the printers and we hope to have it at your door
in the next couple of weeks. Our AGM is looking fantastic. We've had a
great meeting to set our budget for the next year and beyond. To
finish off the week both my Co-Chair Charlie and myself are off to
Paris this weekend with the Zionist Federation to participate in their
Young Leadership program along with Jewish Zionist leaders from across
Europe. We'll report back on the conference next week.

So on to the articles.

1. The first article is about Rabbi Miri Gold and husband, veterans of
kibbutz Gezer. The story is a wonderful tale of life and Israel.

2. Rabbi Michael Marmur provides a critique of Shas and some of the
outrageous statements they have come out with in recent weeks.

3. An artice about a new secular cemetery in Israel - surprisingly in

4. An article about the future relationship between the Jewish Agency
and the WZO. Our friends in the Progressive Zionist movement are busy
at Jewish Agency meetings this week and we will keep you updated of
any news there is.

Wishing you a Shabbat Shalom
Daniel, Charlie and all at Pro Zion


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