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Friday 22 February 2008

weekly update 20/02/08

Dear Members,

Please find attached the publicity for our 2008 AGM. Speaking at the
AGM will be Shelley Kedar, Director of Professional Development for
Jewish Educators, at the Leo Baeck Education Centre, Haifa. Shelley
will be presenting on "how do we bring Israel to our communities". Her
presentation will be followed by responses from Meirav Kallush and Noa
Marom, the Shlichim from the Movement for Reform Judaism and Liberal
Judaism respectively, and Daniel Needlestone, co-Chair of Pro Zion.
There will also be plenty of time for questions and discussion. We hope
to see you there..

We also have a range of articles for you this week. There is great news
from the IRAC who have finally won the legal case demanding that the
State funds buildings from Reform Kehilot as they do for Orthodox
kehilot. Yozma, a community in Modi'in is the first young Progressive
community to have a state funded building. This is exciting for the
growth of Progressive Judaism in Israel. Next we have a report from the
Progressive community in Lublin, Poland. Rabbi Tanya Segal, a
Russian-born Israeli, is Poland's first female Rabbi. Finally we have
an inspiring piece written by a Reform Jew from America who made aliyah
two years ago and now lives in Har Halutz, a pioneering Reform community
located in the central Galilee, in the North of Israel.

Please let us know your Israel news,

Charlie Gluckman and all at Pro Zion


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