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Sunday 3 February 2008

A Day at the House of Commons with our MPs set up by ZF

A Day at the House of Commons with our M.Ps set up by ZF.
Written by Michael Reik

From 2pm Around 90+ people congregated in Room 10 at the House of
Commons on Wednesday January 23rd for an Israel Lobby to listen to
various speakers including MPs and then to go out to Central lobby to
speak up for Israel to their own constituency MP.
As we entered Parliament we were fittingly confronted by many thousands
of policeman in civvies marching for their own cause to receive their
justly arbitrated annual increase.
Eric Moonman, President of the ZF set the scene for us and chaired the
first part of the proceedings.
The First Speaker was Lee Scott, Conservative MP for Ilford North who
had just received the dubious award Of Backbencher of the Year from the
Local Asian News Network.
He totally repudiated the recent report of there being an Israel Lobby
in Parliament.
How could there be when there have been no votes taken in Parliament on
any matters affecting Israel.
The next Speaker was Louise Ellman, Labour MP for Liverpool Riverside.
Louise was commended by many for continuously sticking up for Israeli
causes while in almost a totally non Jewish Constituency.
There is a very strong Palestinian Lobby to Parliament and their MPs.
Four times as many than any Jewish Lobby and therefore at least four
times as many anti Israel points as fore.
On the question of Conspiracy Theory as partly dealt with by Lee Scott,
there was no evidence proven but she, among many Jewish MPs, are now
receiving phone calls to try to trip the MP up into speaking against
Israel. This is part of an increasing campaign of propaganda and hatred.
The next speaker was David Burrows,( chair of the Conservative Christian
Fellowship) and Conservative MP for Enfield and Southgate. He indicated
there was to be a debate in the House this coming week on 'Aid to the
Palestinians' He intended to raise the question of why aid was being
provided while there was no change in the textbooks for Palestinian
children, and talks were proceeding . UK Tax Payers money used for a
hate scenario within the Palestinian Territories.
Robert Halford, Political Director of Conservative Friends of Israel,
confirmed there were 2000 members, mainly non Jewish. They take MP's and
their staff to Israel, in particular to Sderot and the border villages
with Lebanon. He advised we should always write to our local MP
whenever we felt the media was putting out biased reports.
Then Talya Lador-Fresher, deputy ambassador spoke.
She illustrated the imbalance that Israel receives from the Members of
The past year Russia had 3EDM's raised with a total of 52 Questions and
180 Signatures
India a total of 8 EDM's, 53 Questions and 115 Signatures.
Israel a total of 10 EDM's, 160 Questions and 530 Signatures( EDM- Early
day Motions)
This shows the interest at Westminster in Israel is far more than the
combined interest in Russia and India.
Then Alistair Burt, Conservative MP for North East Beds spoke, he has
written an article 'Betrayal of a Nation' This can be found at, January 2008 edition. He briefly
explained his support and admiration for the Israeli people and the
James Arbuthnot, Conservative MP for Hampshire North East, and
Parliamentary Chair of the Conservative Friends of Israel, is a staunch
supporter because of the unfair odds Israel has as such a tiny state
among its very many neighbours and enemies. He repeated the comment made
by John Bolton at the Conservative Party Conference that Israel is the
only ever (non) member state to never be voted onto the Security Council
at the United Nations.
Jerry Lewis, Israel Correspondent at Westminster, Journalist, confirmed
the debate at Westminster commencing the next day on Global Security in
the Middle East, following a number of papers issued by the foreign office.
He also reiterated the need to send letters to MPs to counter the
massive pro-Palestinian lobby. Geoffrey Smith commented that we should
consider MPs as fishermen from the Galilee rather than as Rabbis from
the Temple
The Final Speaker was David Horowitz, Editor of The Jerusalem Post. He
reiterated much of the problems of Gaza. He told us how young children
up to the age of 5/6 are brought to the Rocket Launching sites in the
hope that the IDF will therefore not fire at the launchers for fear of
killing the children.
I then went to meet up with my own MP Gareth Thomas, Harrow West .
We had an extremely good and frank conversation on Israel.
Gareth was unaware that the Gaza crossing had been closed by the
Israelis after the recent attempt to smuggle 6.5 tons of Potassium
Nitrate( probably to be used for bomb-making) into Gaza disguised as EU
sugar bags for humanitarian aid.
We had a discussion about the trauma caused to those in Sderot by the
continuous Rocket Firing and I pointed out the political deviousness by
Hamas in switching off the electricity, especially to a News Media
Camera Team to show them by Candlelight in their offices with the
curtains drawn while in Broad Daylight.
Gareth believed more work could be done by the Israelis in removing some
of the restrictions, but accepted that no UK Money should go for
educational purposes from UK Funds while text books in Palestinian
Schools provided hate literature and untruths.
We both hoped that monies provided to the Palestinians would end up
benefiting the Palestinian People in a Humanitarian Way.


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