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Saturday 26 January 2008

weekly update 17/01/2008

Dear Members,

We are pleased to announce that this years Mervyn Elliot Memorial
Lecture has been confirmed and is taking place on Sunday February 3rd in
Leeds from 5.30pm. We have an exciting speaker over from Israel to
present the lecture: Rachel Liel, Director of SHATIL, New Israel Fund's
empowerment and training centre for social change organisations. As
well as being a great speaker other impressive facts about Rachel include:

* she has held various posts in the Ministry of Labour and Social
Affairs, including Associate Director of Rehabilitation Services.
* named one of Israel's 50 most influential leaders in 2005 by
Globes - Israel's leading business daily.
* in 2006, named by Ha'aretz as one of 40 Israeli women who most
contribute to change.

chosen again in September 2007 by Ha'aretz highlighting Israel's
100 most influential people.

This will be a fascinating talk, if you are in Leeds or can make it to
Leeds that weekend then we hope to see you there. More details will
follow in next weeks email.

We have a collection of articles for you this week. First we have an
article that reports on the attempt by the Government to clamp down on
Rabbis who refuse to recognise state-sponsered conversion. Next we have
a piece that refers to a high court ruling against the ultra-orthodox
bus-lines. Justice Ribenstein says, 'i t is inconceivable for a driver
not to allow a woman on a bus because she is wearing pants.' The next
article is about a Jewish-born adoptee, adopted by a devout Catholic
family, who has been trying to make aliyah for the year and a half.
Finally we have a piece written by Rabbi Michael Marmur who reflects on
what it means to him to be a Jerusalemite.

We hope you enjoy the articles. If you would like to tell us about any
events your community are having or have had, then please let us know.
All that's left to say is just a quick reminder about the ZF's
parliament lobby on January 23rd.

Shabbat Shalom

Charlie, Daniel and all at Pro Zion


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