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Wednesday 30 January 2008

Welcome to Israel 2008 - moving Sderot Presentation

We recently received this message from our ex Pro Zion treasurer Mira, now living in Israel. The presentation at the end speaks volumes.

I feel for the suffering of any human being, but while the world media are reporting widely about the suffering of the Palestinians from Gaza, very little is being reported about the suffering of Sderot and surrounding areas.

I saw two friends on separate occasions recently: Shura Zagorskaya, a former administrator of Alyth twin community in Kerch who made aliyah 2 years ago; and Dalya Levy, the director of Arzenu within the WUPJ. Two women have something incommon - their daughters are studying at Sderot University and both girls had the same experience of exam taking. Their exam was interrupted 3 times by the Kassam rockets and they had to go to the shelter.

The attached photos speak for themselves. No additional comment is needed...

Best regards from Jerusalem,

Sderot Presentation (with translation)
(nb please feel free to save and pass on the presentation but if you link to the version here please use this link to the whole blog post)
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