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Saturday 19 January 2008

Update - Limmud report and article summary 05/01/08

Dear Members,
It's been a couple of weeks since we wrote last - we hope you have had a
good secular New Year.
Both myself and my co-chair Charlie attended the Limmud conference last
week. It was a busy week and as always we didn't see half the people or
sessions that we wanted to. Among many quality lectures I attended a few
stood out. Liverpool MP Louise Ellman gave a very interesting account of
opinions towards Israel in the House of Commons. Jean-Marc Liling of the
UNHCR gave a fascinating presentation on the amazing work going on in
Israel to look after asylum seekers mainly from Africa. And of course
there was the controversial Avram Burg versus Hillel Halkin debate on
the future of Zionism. Avram Burg, a fantastic orator, seemed a
different person than the one who has written so controversially (to put
it mildly) about the future of Israel. I only hope the visionary Burg we
saw at Limmud is the real deal but I think it's more likely that his
message was somewhat toned down for the audience. Nevertheless the end
result was a fascinating debate with a positive vision.

So on to our plethora of articles for this week.
1. A Welcome Change -
Gilad Kariv - the head of the Israel Religious Action Centre gives his
opinions on same sex couple adoption and how it reconciles with Jewish
2. No majority for plan to revive Religious Affairs Ministry -
an article on an unlikely coalition of Israeli politicians trying to
stop Shas' attempts to reform the religious affairs ministry.
3. Gentile Lubavitcher refused conversion -
It's not just progressive Jews who are having trouble with conversions.
The issues are different but the end result the same.
4. Gal-On hopes to have a Reform rabbi on its list -
Meretz leadership contender Zehava Gal-On has stated she will field a
Reform Rabbi on the Meretz slate for the next election if she is elected
Meretz leader.
5. 'Religious' pilot brings Reform Movement to IAF -
A great article about the only observant pilot school graduate - a 22
year old Reform Jew .
6. Limmud Report -
Pro Zion Chair Charlie Gluckman gives his highlights of Limmud
conference including his views on the Burg vs Halkin debate.

As always we love to hear your feedback. If you have any future events
to publicise please pass them on.
Daniel and all at Pro-Zion


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