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Saturday 22 December 2007

Weekly update 22/12/07

Dear Members,

We have two pieces for you this e-mail. We will probably not send
another e-mail out until January. If you are attending the UK Limmud
Conference over the next week we will both be there, please do say hi if
you see us.

Our first article is a discussion on what the authors describe as "the
head on collision" between religious and secular values in Israel. It
certainly presents an interesting discussion though I'm not sure how
realistic the solutions are in the world we live in.

The second article is a short piece on a Knesset investigation looking
into why up to 300 conversions have been delayed, in some cases for years.

ZF Lobby Day at the House of Commons: Wednesday 23rd January. The
Zionist Federation along with Christian Friends of Israel are holding
their annual lobby day in January. It's a fascinating day where each
participant gets the chance to lobby their MP and meet other MPs. David
Horowitz from the Jerusalem Post is the guest speaker at the event
Chaired by Eric Moonman. For more information call the ZF on 020 8343
9756 or see
Shavua Tov,
Daniel and Charlie
Co-Chairs Pro Zion


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