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Saturday 30 June 2007

Pro-Zion update 29th June

Dear Members,

Our e-mail service resumes it's normal service this week!
We have three articles again. Two on conversion issues at the Vaad
Hapoel and Jewish Agency Board this week - it seems overall the
resolutions haven't been successful from our perspective but the
conversion issue is again very much on the table and it looks like there
will be movement sooner rather than later. We hope to bring you some
more personal accounts from our partners involved in this over the
coming weeks.
Another general interest article is about education in Haredi schools.

If you have any trouble opening articles do let us know - all articles
are posted on our blog at
We also value all of your feedback and we do hope that you pass many of
these articles on to other friends or organisations.

Wishing you a Shabbat Shalom
Daniel and all at Pro Zion


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