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Tuesday 5 June 2007

weekly update 05/06/07

Dear Members,
We have two articles for you this week by two Rabbis of different
streams. One article by a Reform Rabbi, Rabbi Eric Yoffie the head of
the Reform movement in the USA and one by Rabbi Marc Angel, senior Rabbi
of a New York city Spanish & Portugese Synagogue.
The first is an interesting article on Jewish education versus secular
education and Israeli schools - it is a topic that I'm sure our members
will have a wide variety of opinions on. The second article is on the
Israeli Chief Rabbinate including agunot and conversion issues.
As always we are delighted to hear your feedback.

Over the next couple of weeks our e-mail updates may get to you on
different days of the week than you are used to. Ralph - who sends out
the e-mails is off on holiday so other people will be taking over the
system while he is away.

Pro Zion


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