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Sunday 24 June 2007

Pro Zion Update - 24th June

Dear Members,

Apologies again for the long delay between our previous e-mail and this one.

We hope you enjoy the three articles we send today. The first is an
article related to last weeks gay pride parade in Jerusalem which
despite the many hurdles places in the way went ahead successfully. We
hope to give a more personal detailed account of this in the coming
weeks by my co-chair Charlie who is in Jerusalem at the moment for the
Vaad Hapoel of the World Zionist Organisation, he participated along
with a large contingent from our partners at the Israel Religious Action
Centre who work hard fighting the battles of those who face religious

The other two articles are of a different flavour. One on the progress
of Ethiopian Olim in Israel which points out how much more needs to be
done. The final article is the shocking story of Sudanese refugees who
have found sanctuary in Eilat, it is long but is well worth reading and
highlights the problems faced by the Sudanese even outside of the Darfur
regions as well as the debate in Israel on what to do with the refugees.

If you have any trouble opening the attachments remember all articles
are posted on the Pro Zion news blog available via our website at
As always we are glad to receive your feedback.

Pro Zion


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