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Sunday 27 May 2007

Liberal Judaism Israel Lectures

Liberal Judaism will be holding a lecture series on the 6 Day War at the
Montagu Centre starting on the 6^th of June (Wednesday) and for the 3
following Wednesdays.

They will be held at the Montagu Centre at 19:00 free of charge
(donations will be collected for One Voice and will be appreciated)

There will 4 lectures in Total:

1. Zionist Thinkers (06/06/07 – Rabbi Dr. David Goldberg)
2. Overview of the war (13/06/07 – Israel Embassy/Noa)
3. Boundaries – The Green Line (20/06/07 – Prof. David Newman)
4. Where we are today (27/06/07 – One Voice)

We will be happy to see you there.

For any further information please contact Liberal Judaism's Shlicha Noa



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