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Thursday 3 May 2007

weekly update 3rd May 2007

Dear Members,

We are passing on two articles this week. First a piece by ex Pro-Zion
chair Rabbi Dow Marmur addressing some topical issues. Second a nice
piece on the rise of the Bat Mitzvah in Israel.

It's been a busy month in Pro-Zion. All being well you should receive
our renewals mailing this week including our Shema newsletter. We do
hope you find it interesting reading and look forward to receiving your
membership renewals. I must publicly thank our small team of volunteers
who stuffed and sealed envelopes for a night and a day.

We also launch our evolving website at including our
news blog containing all articles we send out.
As always we would love to hear your comments on the week's articles,
newsletter or website.
Shabbat Shalom
Daniel and all at Pro Zion


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