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Sunday 9 March 2008

Update 06/03/2008

Dear Members,

Last weekend, Charlie and Daniel attended a young adult leadership
seminar in Paris organised by the ZF's young adult programme Israel
Connect. The programme brings together young adults from all over Europe
to learn together and to share experiences. With speakers from the
Jewish Agency, and the head of the Israel Project, it was an
informative weekend.

Please find a flyer attached for an event next week. Alyth Synagogue
are hosting an interesting panel discussion on 'Israel and Zionism: the
next 60 years'. On the panel will be Daniel Finkelstein OBE (Associate
Editor of the Times), Ian Black (Associate Editor of the Guardian),
Lorna Fitzsimons (CEO of Bicom), Andrew Balcombe (Chair of ZF), and
Charlie Gluckman (co-Chair of Pro Zion). The panel is to be chaired by
Walter Goldsmith (Chairman Jewish Music Institute). As well as coming
to support Charlie, this will be an interesting discussion and we hope
to see you there.

Please also find attached more interesting articles relevant to us as
Progressive Zionists. The first is an article outlining the Jewish
Agency's reaction to the new State Conversion Authority. Part of the
Jewish Agency's impetus for their demands is due to the influence that
ARZENU has been able to establish in WZO and the Jewish Agency. This
issue is a great example of how support for Pro Zion has a direct affect
on the State.

Secondly, we have an article written by our very own Mira Sasic, about
her experiences at a seminar at Beit Shmuel organised by the Anita Saltz
Education Centre. The report speaks for itself; if you would like any
more information about the Anita Saltz Education Centre please visit

Finally, please find attached information about an Israeli charity named
Yad Ezra V'Shulamit, that aids the poverty stricken in Israel. If you
are interested in donating to this charity then please visit

We also like to hear from you, so please do keep in touch.

Shabbat Shalom,

Charlie, Daniel and all at Pro Zion


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