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Sunday 19 August 2007

JCoSS Planning Application

JCoSS Planning Application

As you may know, on Wednesday 8th August at 7.00pm the JCoSS planning
application will go before the Barnet Planning Committee at Hendon Town Hall
in The Burroughs, NW4.

As senior representatives of a wide cross-section of the Jewish community we
are writing to you to ask you to do everything you can to support JCoSS's
application by attending the meeting and continuing to send emails to local

There has been a strong and well-organised campaign against the application
and the decision could be very close. In the past - for example in the case
of Akiva school's recent application - large numbers of opponents have
swamped planning meetings, intimidating councillors into voting against
controversial applications. It is incredibly important that this does not
happen to JCoSS.

1. Please, if you possibly can, come to the planning meeting on 8th August.
Please arrive at least 45 mins early (i.e. by 6.15 pm) as seats will be
allocated on a first come first serve basis and we expect a large turn out
from the antis.

2. Email JCoSS at, so we know you're coming.

3. Also, if you have not done so already, please visit
<> and follow the instructions to email all the
members of the planning committee to notify them of your support for the

This is a hugely important project for the whole Jewish community. But it is
under attack. If we do not stand up and make sure we're counted it could
fail. Please don't leave it to someone else. That is why we are writing to
you on behalf of the whole community.


Michael Phillips
Chair, JCoSS Trust, and

Tony Bayfield
Chief Executive, Reform Judaism

Michael Burman
Chair, Assembly of Masorti Synagogues

Mick Davis
Chairman, UJIA

Richard Desmond
President, Norwood

Henry Grunwald
President of the Board of Deputies

Danny Rich
Chief Executive, Liberal Judaism

Gerald Ronson
Head of JCoSS Design and Build project

Further details of what you can do can be found at the JCoSS website


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