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Friday 27 July 2007

LACO Aids Victims of Domestic Abuse

LACO Aids Victims of Domestic Abuse
By Rita Konaev, IRAC staff
This year, the Israel Religious Action Center's (IRAC) Legal Aid Centers
for Olim (LACO) has handled a number of cases where individuals were
fighting not only for their emotional well-being, but at times, their
very physical survival.
Such is the case of Irena, a woman who immigrated to Israel from the FSU
to live with her husband and son.
Irena was repeatedly beaten by her abusive husband, but was able to
break away from him. After Irena and her son left their home, the
Interior Ministry cancelled her temporary residency status. Irena was
forced to choose between two evils - remain with her abusive husband -
or be deported.
She then came to LACO asking for assistance with her struggle to attain
permanent status in Israel. LACO filed a petition in Irena's name,
condemning and challenging this offensive policy which fails to
differentiate between cases of commonplace separation and those cases
where a victim breaks free from her abuser - as found in cases of
domestic violence.
The case was reviewed by the Supreme Court and Irena's residency status
was reinstated.
IRAC and LACO believe that the inspirational strength and courage of
individuals like Irena - who only hope for a better future for herself
and her family - must be awarded, and not punished.


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