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Tuesday 6 May 2008

update 25/04/08

Dear Members,

Moadim L'Simcha to all. As Pesach draws to a close, please find
attached four articles for your interest. Sorry that it is more than
usual, it was difficult to choose only three.

1. We have the latest newsletter from the New Israel Fund, an
organisation that works to promote equality and social justice in Israel.

2. The first edition of the Chavruta newsletter since the very
recent revival of Chavruta-Chazon L'Yisrael; who describe themselves as
an independent national society for spiritual-cultural and
social-political reform. One of the members of the editorial board is
Dr. Michael Livni (from Kibbutz Lotan), one of the founders of the
Reform Zionist Kibbutzim in Israel, and one of the founders of the
Reform Zionist Movement. Dr. Livni is the author of numerous articles
on Progressive Zionism, and the author of Reform Zionism: Twenty Years –
An Educators Perspective. Of prominent interest in the newsletter is a
statement by the editorial board regarding the Israel Movement for
Progressive Judaism and Zionism.

3. An article reporting on the Pesach Seder for foreign workers,
organised by Beit Daniel, the Reform Community in Tel Aviv.

4. Finally, Rabbi Michael Marmur provides us with his Pesach
reflection on Chametz, Haredim and Liberal Democracy. You'll see what I

Don't forget that Yom Hatzmaut is fast approaching, you can still get
tickets for the ZF's gala show at the Wembley Box Office.

Shabbat Shalom and Chag Sameach,
Charlie, Daniel and all at Pro Zion


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